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➙ The coach who seems to casually mention she has an opening and within an hour clients are scrambling to book in...

➙ The expert who shows up as a guest on all the best podcasts, seemingly without effort...

➙ The consultant who everyone name drops, with a waitlist as long as her arm and a book deal in the wings...

➙ The mentor who has swathes of loyal followers who swoon over whatever she creates... 

And, that's what you want too, but how do you make it happen? 

➙ You've given your heart, soul and a whole lotta hustle to grow this dream business of yours, but it feels like things have stagnated and you can't put your finger on why?

➙ You’ve invested in your business and you’re not shy of implementing, so why aren't these tactics and strategies helping you grow? 

➙ It seems everywhere you look, another coach or consultant (usually one far less experienced) is celebrating a six figure launch - and you're starting to feel left behind

➙ Somewhere along the way, your essence and message has got a little lost and you find yourself asking...What do I want to be known for? 


✓ You know you’re here to leave a mark. 
✓ You know you’re damn good at what you do. 

✓ But right now, pulling together all the pieces that will take you from best-kept secret to 'that personal brand' feels murky and you’re tired of going it alone.  

You're ready for better clients, bigger influence, higher revenue and a personal brand that's fully seen.

And, you’re ready for some five-star support to get you there.

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What happens when your message is dialled and you step into a brand that feels like YOU?

You create irresistible offers that get snapped up like toilet paper during lockdown...😉 

Your social media & lives go gangbusters.

You sit down to write, and the words flow out of you. 

Your podcast pitches are met with yeses… 

There’s no mess in your marketing any more. 

And instead of being one of many, you’ve become the ONLY option for five-star, ready-to-invest clients. 


"I got 2 new private clients total of $11,400. All because of my ON POINT MESSAGING!"

People are now reaching out saying I want what you have to offer! I'd spent over $50,000 in the past on coaching programs that didn't deliver!  Finally after Unmistakable, I have my message dialled in, my magnetic offers created and people are reaching out to me saying "I want what you're selling!" I'm being booked for talks, I sold out my first launch and I'm feeling 100% in alignment and fired up with confidence. 

I am focusing now on getting smaller courses on autopilot but I am super excited and investing in this program was one of the BEST decisions. 

 - Heather Picken, Mindset Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders

"I never thought I'd be adding five-figure packages to my offer stream and selling them so easily!  My business has expanded beyond what I ever imaged" 

Before Unmistakable it felt like I had all these pieces and talents but I didn't have a way to piece it all together.  Now, I have a message that's clear, offers that stand out from the competition and I've launched and sold out three new programs! Most programs give you part of the solution, Unmistakable gave me EVERYTHING I needed to make things happen. I've never experienced the level of support Nikki gives in a group program before.  It's one of the best things I've ever experienced and the group of women are just amazing.

 - Alycia Edgar, Business Performance Coach

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"I've doubled my prices, now I can communicate my value in a magnetic way"

Before Unmistakable I was struggling to write emails, posts and run launches that felt 'on message' and crystal clear.  This focused process with Nikki's personalised support has transformed my personal brand and I've gone from hearing crickets to getting emails and DM's multiple times a week in response to my marketing saying "Thankyou" this speaks to me!

 - Lindsay Hindle, Manifesting Mentor for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs

Maybe you’ve been told that to build a stand-out profitable business you love, 'need'...

A Fancy Funnel

$1000's on ads

Pushy Marketing

By the time you’ve got all the bits they say you ‘need’ you’ve overspent and overworked, and you’re STILL no closer to having the business you really want… 

Believe me, I’ve been there... I've done just about every kind of launch and offer out there!

And, while I've made plenty of sales, I've also experienced the burn out that comes with making my brand more complicated than it needs to be.

I've 'been there, done that' with dividing my attention between far too many shiny things... 

But what I know for sure after 17 years building brands like Nike, Levi's Billabong and Sony - as well as helping 100's of personal brands unleash their growth - is that:

  • A solid personal brand
  • With a magnetic message
  • Irresistible offers
  • And captivating content

Are what determines whether your business will be a flash in the pan, one-launch wonder OR a long term super profitable brand 

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When you have an Unmistakable Personal Brand...

Whatever kind of launch or promotion you create can work, you can choose a style that works for you and, you no longer have to switch from one tactic to the next praying for results 

Because let's get real for a moment

We're standing at the edge of a new world.

A world where 774,725 entrepreneurs start a business every year. 

And while it's never been an easier time to get started, it's never been a harder time to get seen and heard. 

We're drowning in a turbulent ocean of flashy funnels & buy-me-now bullshit.

And the truth is, people have had enough.

The old way of marketing just doesn't cut it anymore. 

The people who are standing out and shining, the people who are magnetising clients and opportunities, are the people who...

Unlock their true message, dial-up their difference, focus on offers that genuinely transform and content that creates a meaningful connection.

People who are ready to do things differently.

People like you. 




"Defining my message and clarifying my personal brand up-levelled everything"

Working with Nikki has been an absolute game-changer for the next iteration of my business.  Her knowledge of what makes a powerful brand and her intuitive understanding of what it is for YOU, is the exact magic I needed for my message and my marketing.  I absolutely recommend working with her

 - Tammy Guest, Mentor to Freedom Seekers

Tammy Guest
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"Nikki knows how to pull out the magic in your message and transform it"

I'd spent months on courses, books and programs and she got to the core of my messages and offers in just a few minutes! It's now so easy to write and attract my ideal audience from this space of immense clarity.

 - Moya Sayer-Jones, Storyteller, Only Human Stories

"This was the missing piece that made everything else click"

The process of uncovering my brand message and positioning was the missing piece.  Once this clicked I sold out my retreats and coaching and my content became a magnet for my ideal clients.

 - Ashlie Woods, Wildheart retreats and coaching

Ashlie Woods
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"Nikki is truly the best in the personal branding business"

I knew that my brand and my story was the key to connecting with my audience and pulling the right people towards me. Before Nikki's program things were falling flat, right now I'm experiencing my biggest cash month in my business!'

 - Lou Clarke, CFO and Business Coach 

Imagine what it would feel like to:

Become the ONE they all want 

Because your message and positioning is so potent you eliminate any competition

10x your revenue doing less

Because your content & offers are so hot they attract five-star buyers every single day

Get called upon for podcast interviews, media and more

Because this new found positioning makes your brand  irresistible

It’s for smart action-taking entrepreneurs who know that powering up their positioning and magnetising their marketing is the only road to victory.


It’s not for people who want to hack the algorithm, slap together a sleazy funnel or shortcut the stuff that matters.

Support like I've never experienced in any program before! Now my message is dialled in, people are reaching out to me asking "How can I work with you!"

"This program was the missing piece of the puzzle, it's been GOLD.  My message is clear, I'm clear, my offers are selling and the support is next-level. It's the best program I've ever been in"

From confusion to sold-out courses, media requests and a business that's 3x it's revenue!

From $50K to $500K and a business that finally feels good

If this is what you're craving, I invite you to apply for

A high-energy, 3-month experience that gives action-taking entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, and experts a powerful system to explode their revenue, reel in 5-star clients and dominate their corner of the internet. 

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First we Charge Up Your Message and Positioning

Then we Craft Your Unmistakable Power Offers

Finally we call in the clients, sales and opportunities with compelling content

Break out of the business you have to unleash the personal brand you want

In this advanced program, you’ll get…

✔️ The expertise & accountability of 1-on-1 coaching
✔️ With a step-by-step curriculum,
✔️ Plus the momentum & feedback of a high-level mastermind.

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Here's what inside The Unmistakable Mastermind


3 months of Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Nikki

My clients say my superpower is unearthing their true message and crafting compelling offers. You’ll get to experience this first hand during our weekly high-impact coaching calls.

3 months Access to the Unmistakable Brand program and curriculum

This program is a 3 month container designed with intention to walk you through every step you need to create, launch and scale your offer with ease.

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Website - Digital Products Image (800 x 600 px) (1)

3 months Content and Copy Critiques

You can submit your messaging, copy, social and funnel copy for review and receive expert eyes on your work that gives you the confidence to move forward and execute.

Private Client Only Facebook Group

The heart and soul of the program, you’ll connect with others walking the same path, support one another and no doubt find some juicy collaborations.

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Website - Digital Products Image (800 x 600 px)

The VIP Resource Vault

This is your treasure trove of swipe files, templates, Trello, Clickup and Asana ready project plans, SOP’s and more!

create unmistakable money maker offers 4

By the end of this experience you will have:

  • A Magnetic Personal Brand that helps you rise above the noise and become the ONLY option for perfect-fit clients 
  • A crystal clear marketing message that will attract five start clients and visibility opportunities consistently 
  • The exact method for writing compelling content that positions you as a leader and reels in your right people 
  • Your essence and IP packaged into a branded signature offer one that get's you known and can be splintered into other offers and revenue streams! 
  • A simple marketing system that work for YOU and your way of working and makes it easy for people to buy from you and work with you

Let’s break the curriculum down even more...

Charge up your message

  • Uncover your unique ‘Messenger archetype’ and learn EXACTLY how to use it to set your business apart (my clients tell me this is worth the price alone!)
  • Unlock your one of a kind ‘power tagline’ that sends emotional signals to your customer 
  • How to craft a ‘binge-worthy brand story’ and where to share it for maximum impact
  • Identify the customers you want, not the ones you have

Craft your power offers

  • Design your framework with my ‘Package & Position’ and create $20K+ months with just two offers 
  • Create your 'best-fit' for you offer suite
  • Create your ‘offer map’ so you can plan your customers journey from stranger to customer 
  • How to stop being distracted by different niches and settle on a speciality that positions YOU as the leader


Create captivating content

  • Grow your audience and generate leads with my “Infinite influence” content matrix 
  • Learn the ‘11 subconscious stories’ that speak to the heart of your customer and learn how to get them SEEN by thousands
  • Use the ‘marketing matrix’ to know exactly where to focus your attention to get results and what to ‘cut’ from your marketing to do list
  • Create a clear customer journey map to simplify your sales



#1 How to package and sell 4-figure VIP Days

#2 Brand Power Quiz Method - how to use a quiz to build your list and attract buyers

#3 A behind the scenes of my own launches, funnel complete with project plans and templates

Total Value
But your investment is just a tiny snippet of this price...

Amelia Lee, Undercover Architect

"I can own who I am and be courageous with my message. This has helped me sell out my courses and build my influence."

 Amelia Lee,  Undercover Architect

Fun Blue Business Branding Cycle Chart Instagram Post

“Nikki is a treasure to the business world. She always has her finger on the pulse of what works to position and build your brand. When she speaks I listen.”

 - Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mentor & Best-Selling Author

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 Due to the high-touch nature of this program, spaces are limited. Complete this quick 60 second application and we’ll let you know within 24 hours if we’re the perfect match to work together.

This is an application-only mastermind with ONLY 10 PLACES LEFT




Our business was founded on the land of the Traditional Owners, the Gayamaygal people. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, as well as to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our wider communities.


We believe:  your business isn’t just a business, it’s your mark upon the world

We help: online business owners think big, get clear and attract their perfect people with a powerful brand

We help them through: our consulting, courses and support that demystify marketing and make building a brand in a noisy world easier and more fun

We create an environment where: everyone who wants to be included is welcome and celebrated, including every race, gender, sexuality, religion, size, age or disability

We value: Creativity, Freedom, Knowledge & Equality

We will know our work has been successful when: our customers are building impactful and profitable personal brands that inspire them and the people they serve. 


If you jam with our values then apply to join Unmistakable



When does the group program start?

THE NEXT SESSION begins on Feb 17th 2022.   You'll have access to the program curriculum via our online membership portal.  The calls will take place via Zoom and the community connection will be through a private Facebook Group

Who is this program for?

This program is for coaches, consultants, experts and creators who are ready to call in five-star clients, increase their visibility and become known in their industry. 

It doesn't matter if you are generating $5k per month or $500K per year - this program is for someone who sees themself as an action-taker and high-achiever.  It's the attitude and the drive that matters.

How much time do I need for this program?

Our weekly coaching calls go for 60-90 minutes, you can submit your work for content critiques' plus there are tutorials and modules inside the member's area.  Set aside 2-3 hours per week for the 12-week duration.

When are the call times? (USA, Europe and AU)

I'm based in Australia, therefore we have two call times per week to meet global time zones.

The calls will be:

Friday's 10.30am Australian Eastern (7.30pm EDT, 6.30pm MST, 4.30pm PST,) 

Will I get one to one support from Nikki?

This is a group program with a personalised support aspect.  You can get one to one support in three ways:

1. If you pay in full for the program, you'll get a 45-minute strategy and messaging session with Nikki

2. You can submit your content for one to one critiques at various points throughout the program

3. There will be hot seats on each coaching call.  You can get your individual questions answered 

What happens when I apply?

You'll fill out a quick form that gives me some key information about your business so we can make sure we're a good match.

If your application is successful, you'll receive an email detailing the next steps

Do you offer refunds?

This is a group coaching experience with access to all materials immediately.  When you commit to the group by going through the application and payment, there are no refunds.

If you're ready to build an Unmistakable Brand...


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