Learn How To Create Irresistible  Money-Maker Offers That Call In Perfect-Fit 5 star Clients With Ease!


Here's what we'll cover ...

Video 1: How to stop selling the wrong thing

Video 2: The hidden desire and awareness spectrum

Video 3: The importance of a Value Wedge and how to create one


You'll walk away with your next profitable offer(s) mapped out so you can call in perfect it 5-star buyers without the endless hustle or flopped funnels.

In this bootcamp, you'll discover ...

✔️ The 3 core elements of a money-maker offer that sells itself (so you don’t have to)

✔️ The big mistake in your messaging that blocks buyers and stops sales (and how to fix it fast!)

✔️ The Mojito method for uncovering your customer's subconscious desires

✔️ How to position your offer as premium and make the competition irrelevant

✔️ A template and formula to create your own hot offer!

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Nikki Clark

“Clarity around my brand messaging and offers was the confidence I needed to put myself out there in a big way! And it's working!”

Business Performance HQ

Nikki Clark

“I loved this thank you - so helpful to understand the difference between what they think their problem is and what I know it is.”

Life & Success Coach

Nikki Clark

“You know it's a good webinar when your mind wanders for 3 seconds and you look for the rewind button so you can hear the sentence from the beginning!”

Who Is Nikki Clark?

Believe me, I’ve been there...

I've done just about every kind of launch and offer out there!

And, while I've made plenty of sales, I've also experienced the burn out that comes with making my brand more complicated than it needs to be.

I've divided my attention between too many things, making that slice of business owner freedom slimmer and slimmer.

But once I lasered in on my brand message and power position, I discovered clarity, ease and increased profits.

Join me in this FREE challenge where I share exactly how to create offers  that call in perfect-for-you clients who are ready to buy.

Nikki on chair
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“Nikki is a treasure to the business world. She always has her finger on the pulse of what works to position and build your brand. When she speaks I listen.”

 - Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mentor & Best-Selling Author

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