The Easy Yes!
Offer Incubator

Everything you need to create and launch an irresistible Easy Yes Offer that attracts your best fit customers, elevates your brand, and sells out your next level offers without drama or hustle.


Easy Yes Offers is a 5-week intimate group incubator  to help you:

Create an Easy Yes! offer that will build your list and your revenue FAST

Map your sales funnel to turn Easy Yes! buyers into high-paying clients

Explode your visibility, authority and position you as the go-to expert 

Alycia Edgar

"99% of the clients in my group coaching and high-ticket program came from one of my Easy Yes front end offers.  Without having a way for them to experience my work, I wouldn't have filled my premium programs with ease"

- Alycia Edgar, Leads on Autopilot

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In Easy Yes Offers you will:

Map out a profitable offer 'value ladder' and create your Easy Yes Offer

 Write your sales page, email sequences and promotional posts using my high-converting templates & get my eyes on your work! 

 Learn how to use an Easy Yes! offer to elegantly upgrade your clients to your premium programs without launching

 Learn how to run the 3 types of most profitable Facebook & Instagram ads plus get swipes of my best performing ads

 Get my complete project plan that maps every moving part and every single template you'll need to make it happen

Get the low-down on conversion goals, expectations, and how to track success stats

Steal my Easy Yes offer launch plan and advertising strategy

And, get intimate group coaching to answer all your burning questions and support you along the way 

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Building a list of buyers primed to say ‘yes, please!’ through an Easy Yes Offer is one of the easiest ways to grow your revenue, month after month - and build your brand effortlessly!

Maybe you’ve already got a lead magnet, maybe a webinar, a challenge, or some great Facebook Live content. And you’re putting it out there, growing your list, and then launching your offers. And that’s fantastic!

But my guess is, you’re not feeling that sense of EASE or consistent $$$ because:

  You’ve got an email list full of people who don’t buy from you...

  You’ve tried ALL the different launch methods the ‘gurus’ recommend yet you still aren’t seeing the sales come in...

  You’ve tried Facebook ads that flopped and you’re spending more on marketing than you’re making...

  You get resistance to your pricing and you don’t understand why people can’t see the value…

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That’s because you haven’t ‘primed’ your audience to buy!

Before your audienceMaybe you’re thinking I'm about to tell you that the only way to prime your audience is to sell a $27 digital offer. And, while that might be YOUR bets solution, it might not be!

you need a $27 digital offerve seen some interesting offers in your newsfeed for between $27 and $197 and thought, ‘wait, what’s going on here?’

These Easy Yes! or bite-sized offers are designed to attract people who are ready to take action NOW!

People who are SO invested in getting a solution to their problem they’re ready to put some money on the line, today.


People are more sceptical than ever and they’re looking for fast, effective, proven solutions.

People are time poor and instead of wading through free content, they're ready to invest in the answer.

In today's online world, you need a quick, powerful way to create trust and show your expertise...

… and that's why an Easy Yes! Offer is the perfect solution.

An Easy Yes offer is a low-risk, high-value solution that helps your customer experience a quick win. And then they're 30% more likely to buy from you again. 

The best part?

Through buying and using your Easy Yes offer, your customers deepen their relationship with you. You build trust and authority (through a small investment) a WHOLE lot quicker.

AND when people have bought from you once they’re 30% more likely to buy again!


Bottom line? Creating the right Easy Yes offer can give you ...

freedom from your schedule

hands-free sales

the fast-track to converting high-ticket clients

Inside this program you get my dedicated help and advice to:

choose the right offer for your business
formulate the right words that will convert buyers
use the right launch model to get results quickly


By the end of this program, you’ll have everything you need ready to launch your own irresistible Easy Yes digital offer and start attracting primed buyers to your business!


8 Bite-Sized Digital Offers you can swipe and create in just a weekend!

The steps to make sure your offer will sell before you even create it.

The step by step lead magnet system that converts at up to 70%!

The simple starter software stack for success and scaling.

You get the Easy Yes Offer 5-Week Program
PLUS the bonuses for  just $XXX 

List all the stuff you get in the program here?

Live weekly calls on Zoom for 5 weeks starting May XX:

   + Tuesdays 9-10am AEST (Sydney GMT+10)

   All calls are recorded and available as replays.

"I'm OBSESSED. I'm truly grateful that I found your brand. This is the EXACT support I need and have been looking for. Great job and sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart !!!" 

- Jessa

"Nikki... thank you for EVERYTHING!!! This is my first official lead magnet with multiple sales funnel... that is ALL automated! I would 100% tell anyone who wants to grow their community, to buy this program and work the entire program."

- Lou


I'm a brand strategist, copywriter, and content creator. My mission is to help you get seen, get heard, and get paid.

And it all starts with attracting the right people to your brand.

For more than 15 years, I helped grow brands like Nike, Levis, Billabong, Sony, IBM & more...

And, for the past 5+ years, I've helped my personal branding clients
✔️ Double their revenue
✔️ Sell out their online programs
✔️ Book out their services 6+ months in advance
✔️ Launch a podcast, book, and speak on worldwide stages

In 2020 alone, my own easy yes offer reached 21,000 customers and generated over $1.5m in sales!!

Before this, I’d had great success with my lead magnets. But in 2018 I was knocked out of action by a health crisis and I had to take time off.

All of a sudden, I realised I had to be showing up to keep my business growing. While I was supposed to be resting!

So, I got to work creating a bite-sized offer. And that's when everything changed!

People started snapping up my higher priced programs - no sales calls or launches required.

I now have a waitlist of people to work with me for the next 6 months. If I don’t show up on social media for a week, I still get customers. And my brand visibility has soared.

I now attract between 50-100 customers every day and these same customers go on to buy more of my offers and become loyal brand advocates.

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I can't wait to show you how to do the same thing! 


When is the Masterclass?


You'll get access to the masterclass via a course platform so that you can watch the recording at any time that suits you.

Will it help me come up with a digital product idea?

YES! The masterclass breaks down the strategy and the steps to come up with a winning idea and the bonuses give you some great swipeable examples.

Do I need Paid advertising to make this work?

NO! The masterclass will show you various ways to validate and pre-sell your offer and you don't need to run ads to sell your offer successfully. However, you can use ads as rocketfuel once your offer is validated and to grow your list.

Is this masterclass suitable to service or product based businesses?


This masterclass is specifically tailored for service-based business owners, coaches, consultants, creatives, and course creators who are looking to create a small paid offer that grows their mailing list and attracts quality buyers for bigger paid offers.

Do I need to get rid of my free lead magnet to make this strategy work?

NO! Many online gurus will tell you to scrap freebies. The teachings inside this masterclass show you how to use freebies to generate sales AND how to deliver this offer without a lead-magnet. Both systems work!

Is there a guarantee?

No. There are too many variables we can't control to guarantee any particular outcome. We stand behind the value in this program so please decide carefully before purchasing as we do not offer refunds or guarantees for any reason.